Sick Figure Salary
by Holly Lang
The health of medically indigent patients is in the hands of millionaires with a detached understanding of their needs
Poor Sense
by Misty Harper
There is more to 675 Ponce de Leon Avenue than meets the eye
The Price of Worthless Debt
by Evan P. Schneider
How much are you worth and how is that determined?
by Karen Lee Tauches
on those who choose relative poverty as a quiet political decision, conscious non-players in the game of financial obsession.


Daniel Osborne
Justin Waters


Sliding Scales
by Todd Barnett
Grady’s program explained
Loan Sharking is Illegal
by Rick Jackson
Why it’s needed; how it’s done, semi-legally.
“Read” This
by Jimmy Lo
Literacy redefined
Change Come
by Jeremy Abernathy
To the Br’er Rabbit tales
The Poor People’s Day Caravan
by Big Mountain
Leads to impromptu protest over a paycheck
False Hope
by Damon Sgrignoli
Georgia Lottery and the Hope Scholarship
by Ben Grad
Atlanta pushes them further and further out of sight
Poor Me
by Jessie Calmes
Self-help culture

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