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The Suitcase of Henry J. Simmons
by Benjamin Solomon
The suitcase of a calf meal salesman languished in a rural barn for more than half a century. Here, he is unlatched for the first time.
An Age of Lost Monuments, Renovated History, New Replicas and Glocalism
by Karen Lee Tauches
"Ever try to photocopy an image out of existence?"
Speculations from Nowhere
by Matthew Proctor
Time extracted from the idea of eternity.


Andrea Sanders / Dorothy Stucki
Atlanta artists collaborate on relics of the future.

Short Features

Superheroes of the Atomic Age
by Rick Jackson
American discomfort with truth and 100% perfect characters
Mega-Churches: A Sign of the Consumerist Times
by Misty Harper
Church in the now
The Bird
by Mary Richardson
Here it is again.


The Little Reviews
Making no compromises with the public taste.
More Shoes
In search of the greater "I"


Cost of Living, circa 1947
National Geographic, circa 1979