ISSUE ONE: space

issue one cover


Rich in Space
by Karen Tauches
No one said suburbs have to be mediocre and culturally oppressive
Space Invasion
by Rick Jackson
Compulsive hoarding and the gradual erosion of personal space
How to Steal Land in Montgomery Alabama
by Benjamin Solomon
A step-by-step guide to illegally cashing in on the next big investment opportunity of the South
Eight Scenes of Home
by Mary Richardson
You are here. Here you are. Are you here.
Visionary with a Toolbelt
by Evan P. Schneider
Atlanta's Jason Deck puts Christopher Alexander's underground bible of urban planning to work.


Mary Clare DeReull
Kemp Mooney
Tom Zarilli
Chris Lawson


95,000 sq. ft.
by Todd Barnett
Taskforce for the Homeless
Space as Warfare
by Jessica Calmes
Corporate Communities. Territorial Reinforcement. Social Control.
The Afterlife Awaits
by Matthew Doyal Proctor
Being There: A Conversation with Nat Slaughter and Daniel Clay
by Jimmy Lo
Collaborative Topologies, sound sculptures, and the medium giving us a rubdown. Also: you may read the transcript.
Climbing the Razor Wire Fence
by Ben Grad
The Vigil to Close the School of the Americas


Exactly Two-hundred Words About Space
by Anders Visser
by space here, we mean outer space
Georgie in the Sky
by Jesse Jarnow
The Map Project
various artists
Atlantans draw maps of their neighborhoods